Served All Day

Freshly Brewed Guatemalan Gold or Colombian Roasted Coffee
Assorted Flavored Coffee
Iced Coffee
Hot Cocoa
Assorted Herbal Teas
Whole Milk, 1& 2% Milk, Fat Free, Half and Half, Soy Milk, and Flavored Creamers
Assorted Juices
Homemade Strawberry Lemonade
Homemade Iced Teas
Assorted Cold Beverages
Fresh Fruit Baskets
Fresh Fruit Salad
Vegetable Crudités
Homemade Garlic Pita Chips with Assorted Hummus
Variety of Homemade Dips
Assorted Sliced Breads
Peanut Butter with Assorted Jams, Jellies and Preserves
Cold Cut Platter
Trail Mix, Yogurt Bars and Granola Bars
Raisin Packs
Assortment of Mints, Chewing Gum, Mixed Chocolates, Twizzlers and Candies
Dried Fruits and Nuts
Animal Crackers

Morning Call

Fresh Baked Bagel Baskets
Smoked Lox Platter
Red Onion and Caper Platter
Flavored Cream Cheese
Fresh Baked Mini Muffins, Scones, Mini Croissants and Mini Danish
Warm Cinnamon Buns
Assortment of Cheese and Chocolate Brioche
Hot and Cold Cereals

On To The Next Scene

Variety of Hot Soups
Assorted Chili's
Hot Potato Knishes with Deli Mustard
Hot Pretzels
Hot or Cold Antipasto Platter
Sliders on Mini Brioche
Kobe Sliders
Mini Pulled Pork Sliders with Creole Coleslaw
Portobellinis with melted Swiss and Spicy mayo
Assorted Hot and Cold Sandwiches
Cheese Platter
Fresh Baked Cheesy Bread Twists
Bean and Cheese Burritos or Black Bean and Corn Burritos
Assortment of Tea Sandwiches
Tuna Salad, Egg Salad, Pasta Salad
Mini Cheese Pizza
Mini Taco Bar
Mini BBQ Sates
Sushi and Sashimi Platters
Avocado Egg Rolls
Fire Cracker Salmon Rolls
Assorted Mini Empanadas
Assorted Mini Quiche
Hot Hors D'oeuvers
Grilled Fruit Kabobs
Fresh Baked Brownies, Blondies
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Cheese Cake Pops
Assorted Baked Goods
Fresh Baked Vegan Desserts
Kettle Popped and Flavored Popcorn
Assorted Chips
Variety of Crackers